My 10 Favorite Fetishes: A Domme Confesses

The Sensual FemdomI can almost hear My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music! Wouldn’t that make for a wicked¬†Broadway show? People frequently ask me about my particular fetishes. There are plenty and they really do run the gamut! They tend to ebb and flow over months, sometimes even years, but I think this list covers the biggies.

1. Sissy play – I love feminizing a man, especially forced feminization. I go wild for a man in panties and stockings, and enjoy teasing and taunting him as he is emasculated for me. Don’t get me wrong- I adore cock, but when I have a sissy to play with, I’m happy to sacrifice and go without, or I could always move on to my second fetish…

2. Cuckolding – I’ve cuckolded with another submissive as well as with a vanilla play partner, and I don’t think I have a particular preference. I enjoy being fawned over by horny men, especially if at the end of the night one of the is denied and left aroused. As much as I enjoy this fetish, I struggle with the concept of picking up a random man. In my experiences, my bull has been someone I have known well.

3. Chastity – Locking it up and throwing away the key! I have fantasies of keeping a submissive in chastity forever. No, it wouldn’t be practical, but the idea gets me so wet. Even the largest cock looks so pathetic and shriveled in a chastity device. I love laughing, teasing and stroking the cage and sometimes even pushing it inside my pussy… so he can alllllllmost feel it!

4. Threesomes – Both with two submissive men and with a submissive man and submissive woman. These experiences are so intense… four hands and two tongues explore my body and keep me cumming over and over again. Super intimate, especially ordering them to play with each other (yes, even two men)… which leads to…

5. Bisexuality – Keep in mind, I would never force anyone to do something without having first discussed it with them and determined that it was not a hard limit. But damn, I love watching a man suck cock! Ladies, I’m pretty sure men are better at it than we are! Even better- when a submissive gets hard as he is sucking cock… OMG!

6. Creampies/cum eating – This fetish is delicious! Well, for me at least. I used to feel a little guilty when I made a subby eat his cum, but then I thought about all of the blowjobs I gave and all the cum I swallowed. It seems only fair. Sexy, and fair. I especially enjoy making the experience humiliating, like by making him cum on his pillow, lick it off, and then sleep on the dirty pillow.

7. Bondage/cage/helplessness – I consider these three all the same. The ultimate fantasy is that my submissive is under my complete control with no hope of release. He completely succumbs to my womanhood and my power, and receives only what I allow him. I control what he eats, drinks, bathroom privileges, everything!

¬†8. Manservant/chauffeur/slave – Definitely more erotic than service-oriented. I’d love to have my floors vacuumed and my toilets brushed, but the real fantasy here is just having a slave at my beck and call. He literally does nothing else but serve me. When he is not in use, he assumes certain positions until I call upon him. Hard to enjoy this one in real life, but the fantasy really gets me going!

9. Strict protocols, contracts – Another one that is a wee bit challenging to implement… I would love to have a formal contract for my submissive that dictates my control over him. I would like for him to sign away his sexuality completely. I get off on the idea of intense and powerful protocols that he must obey (or suffer the consequences).

10. Puffy nipples – I have no idea why, but I love ’em!

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